Summer 2010 Update

We are still moving on the project and feel optimistic.  There are almost innumerable pieces to be put together here including three key items which are the regulatory approvals, a power purchase agreement, and financing.  Last week we had our special use permit for the City of Lawrence approved which was a great step.  In that meeting we spoke and expressed our appreciation for the community’s support as a whole.  Our work with the City has gone very smoothly, which is saying a lot because we have worked with pretty much every Department on at least one aspect of the project.  Individual and group support for the project in Lawrence and the State has also been strong and welcome.  There are moments when I personally have felt daunted by the project but we have a good team with broad expertise.  Everyone has pulled their weight and things have continued to come together so we are still on the path today.   If everything were butter-smooth over the next several months we could potentially initiate actual construction before the end of 2010.  A thank you to all the people who have been a part of the project to date and I’ll work to provide more consistent updates.