Useful Links

Army Corps of Engineers – The biggest Dam building organization in the U.S.

Bonneville Environmental Foundation

The Climate and Energy Project – “Heartland Voices: Hydropower Potential” by Sarah Hill-Nelson

Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Network – This site contains an “ask an expert” location for any specific questions you might have as well as other useful information.

Energy Information Agency – Discusses stage of development of renewable energy technologies around the globe

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission – Report on activities during the past year. Includes hydropower and other energy issues

Foundation for Water and Energy Education – Includes a great step-by-step walk through a hydroelectric project. Recommended viewing to understand how a hydroelectric dam works

Hoover Dam – Take a virtual tour of the Hoover Dam

House Committee on Energy & Commerce

Kansas Corporation Commission

Kansas Rural Papers April/May 2008 – Read more about RECs via an article in the Kansas Rural Papers

Low Impact Hydropower Institute – This product includes Low Impact Hydropower from facilities certified by the Low Impact Hydropower Institute (an independent non-profit organization) to have environmental impacts in key areas below levels the Institute considers acceptable for hydropower facilities. For more information about the certification, please see

National Hydropower Association – Hydropower’s national trade association (go to their links page)

Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources

Tennessee Valley Authority – A government-owned utility, the largest producer of electric power in the nation

U.S. Bureau of Reclamation

The following link was recommended by a student in a youth science club on how to make a simple battery –