Ribbon Cutting

We are so fortunate and grateful to have reached this point.  Last Friday, May 10th, we held a ribbon cutting for the new powerhouse.  We were glad to have the opportunity to thank the many people that helped us complete this monumental project.  During the ribbon cutting we asked all the people that had participated in the project up to the front to help us cut the ribbon.  It is truly amazing to see all the people it takes to complete a project of this nature.  From the Bowersock staff, to Olsson Associates, Kissick Construction, Sabatini Architects, Mid States Energy Works, Greg Wright with EMG, all the people from KCBPU, all the people from the state agencies, the US Fish and Wildlife Service, the City of Lawrence, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, Bill Smith with HIS, Inc., the finance people  – legal and actual finance, and our core team of lawyers and accountants, family members…  I tried to name all the people that had been involved (which many people told me prior was dicey!) but I think really we did an OK job, missing a few in the big picture but I know they understand and see the value of naming, as it was just so amazing to see all those people up there.   There is so much documentation of this project we need to put up.  When things start to relax it would be great to put up a summary with photos, etc. In the meantime we have posted articles and interviews which are helpful.  We have also linked to Bert Haverkate-Ens’ blog, which documents the development through photos as well as his commentary.  http://walktokaw.blogspot.com/  In closing, I see thunderstorms in the forecast which fuels my optimism.  We would like to thank again our entire community that was so supportive of us as we worked on this project.  Optimism is great but it is nothing without a great team and community behind it.