Our Leadership

Management Team

The BMPC Team has the key elements that are critical to the successful completion of a hydroelectric power plant, including business management, community relations, licensing, construction, and hydroelectric project management.

The team is led by Stephen Hill, whose family first established The Bowersock Mills and Power Company in 1874. Mr. Hill has extensive business and hydropower experience, as he has run BMPC since 1972, while maintaining primary employment as a financial advisor. A graduate of Harvard Business School, Mr. Hill has academic credentials to match his business experience, and has established a business plan for the Existing BMPC Plant as well as the Expanded Project – both of which rely on his strong business background. His wife, Marcia Hill, served as Secretary-Treasurer and worked with him for over twenty years until their daughter, Sarah Hill-Nelson, joined the firm in 2002. Stephen Hill’s partner in the management of Bowersock is his daughter and co-owner, Sarah Hill-Nelson, who has been running BMPC along with her father since 2002.

In addition to her experience running the plant for 20+ years, Hill-Nelson was one of the first Kansas energy business leaders to leverage renewable attributes through Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs or Green Tags), and she has been actively involved in legislative issues relating to renewable energy. Ms. Hill-Nelson’s most important contributions to the BMPC Team lie in her long-term commitment to the Lawrence community and the environment. Ms. Hill-Nelson acts as the primary manager of Bowersock Operations, including all business relationships, and manages the FERC licensure process, which calls upon her extensive academic and professional experience in research and writing.