North Powerhouse Construction

Construction on the North Powerhouse is moving forward.  We received our final permits on June 1, 2011 and gave the green light to Kissick Construction to initiate work.  To date all has gone pretty well, with some minor ups and downs that our project manager Nathan informs me are pretty typical of construction projects.  We were very fortunate through the summer with good weather and associated river flows which allowed for good work windows.

The community has been really  supportive, and we hear from many people who are enjoying watching the progress!

Some key information about the construction as of mid-September, 2011.

  • The construction area is much larger than the actual powerhouse will be.  The sheet pile/coffer dam that you see surrounding the project is temporary and is used only for temporary protection of the site.  This coffer dam will be removed when the project is complete and ready for operation.
  • Most of the work that has been done to date is required to maintain site safety and stability.  The only permanent part of the structure that is in place is the large, rectangular structure immediately north of the existing Bowersock Dam.  That is called the “gate structure,” and will serve as the connection between the existing dam and the new powerhouse.
  • Once the gate structure is complete, excavation will begin on the actual powerhouse site.  The excavation is planned to go to 763 feet Mean Sea Level.  For perspective, the top of the dam is at 808 feet Mean Sea Level.
  • The tower crane is in place to assist in the construction of the powerhouse.  We have had some questions about the crane.  The crane and foundation was designed by licensed, professional engineers.  It’s placement was inspected and approved by a 3rd party.  The top of the crane is mobile as a safety feature, so that the crane does not get broadside to the wind and act like a sail.

We continue to appreciate the community support for the project.  Please contact Bowersock with any questions regarding the project.  785-843-1385.