Boards and Millpond

As many people saw in the Journal World, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) has required Bowersock to keep its millpond at damtop.  We can go into this at greater length later, but this will make things very difficult for Bowersock, and over the long term for the City and the University of Kansas Boathouse.  … Continue reading “Boards and Millpond”

Looks like a good hand…

It looks like we may have a good hand here.  Touch wood… Currently we have low water below 2,000 cfs predicted for early next week.  The Corps has been very responsive and communicative as we have worked for this window which has been extremely helpful.  Barring any major precipitation we have scheduled a visit from … Continue reading “Looks like a good hand…”

Word from the Corps

We spoke with the Corps of Engineers today and it looks like we won’t have a window to work on the dam until mid-January or more likely February.  The Corps keeps water in the reservoirs for waterfowl season until the lakes start to freeze, at which point they drop the levels to try to minimize … Continue reading “Word from the Corps”

Good water

What do we mean by good water?  If we didn’t need low water for dam and batter boards repairs, we’d say we have pretty good water for power production today – especially since most of our batter boards (or doors) are down.  We have about 8,000 cfs in the river, which would be too much … Continue reading “Good water”